Dye your grey hair naturally using henna & herbal hair colors

It was a happy day the day I realized I could dye my grey hair naturally simply by using henna and other natural herbal hair colors.

The above video-tutorial is in english with italian subtitles.

The henna natural hair colors are the natural alternative to chemical hair dyes. They will rock your hair, leaving it healthy, glossy, voluminous and restructured with gorgeous, unique shades of color.

The most known and most used herbal natural hair colors are:

red henna lawsonia inermis

Henna or Lawsonia Inermis, the herbal hair color par excellence, coloring powder derived from the dried and powdered leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plants cultivated in the Rajasthan state in India.

It gives light blonde or grey hair a bright natural reddish shade with hints of orange and natural gorgeous red tones on dark hair. In time, treatment after treatment, it tends to darken the hair. It is the only herbal hair color that will cover grey hairs naturally & successfully. If you mix lawsonia with other herbal hair colors you may cover your grey hair obtaining gorgeous natural brown tones according to the mix of herbal hair powders you used.

Excellent treatment for oily hair, it also helps hair become stronger, shinier and more voluminous. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and it cleanses andrestores the pH of the scalp promoting hair growth.

black henna katam buxus dioica

The so called Black Henna is the indigo or the katam. The indigo is usually cultivated in India, while the katam is cultivated in Yemen.

They are used either alone to darken the hair or together with (red henna - lawsonia inermis) to obtain different tones of brown, from light brown to dark chocolate brown. They also strengthen the hair leaving it soft, shiny & healthier looking. 

Both katam and indigo enhance and brighten brown and black hair. Applied after a henna treatment they help you achieve that black color you've been dreaming of. Mixing it with lawsonia, your hair will acquire gorgeous deep coffee brown tones according to the percentages used in your mix. Great conditioning & coloring hair treatments, these herbal hair colors leave the hair soft & voluminous.

black henna indigo indigofera tinctoria

Katam's highlights s are purplish, while the indigo highlights are bluish.

These two natural herbal hair colors release the color in an alcaline pH, therefore avoid adding any acidic ingredient. Also avoid applying these two natural herbal hair colors directly on light/grey hair because the hair might acquire unpleasant shades.

cassia obovata neutral henna

Cassia obovata, also known as neutral henna, is a healing herb thanks to its antibacterial and astringent properties, which fights dandruff and leaves your hair glossy, voluminous, soft and vigorous.

Generally it does not stain hair, yet has a pale yellow golden dye when applied on light hair. Mostly used as a hair treatment thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it is also often used to lighten the final color, adding it to the mix lawsonia - katam helping you obtain gorgeous light or deep coffee brown tones. 

Efficient  conditioner, it leaves hair soft & voluminous, giving life to fine, limp hair. You may create unique blends of herbs to obtain at every single application new gorgeous natural looking hair colors. It's easy to apply on your hair, and easy to wash out.

Having white hairs does not necessarily has to be an issue! If you manage to find the right mix of henna and herbal hair colors, you'll be able not only to dye your grey hair naturally, but you will also have the pleasant surprise to discover natural and unique color streaks in your hair.

henna dark brown hair mix

The video tutorial linked at the beginning of this article gives you even more details about the herbal hair colors, but it also shows you how to apply them and which percentages of herbal hair colors you may use to cover your grey hairs and still obtain different shades of brown hair, ac cording to your wishes.

In the picture below, you may see the results obtained on my  white regrowth thanks to a 1 step application with a mix of cassia, lawsonia inermis and katam, using the herbal hair colors sold on my online shop at this link: Herbal hair colors Beautilicious Delights.

henna grey hair before and after photos

Instead, in the other picture down below you may see the results obtained on almost 100% grey/white hair using several henna applications and a 2nd step application with katam. 

henna Grey white Hair Medium Brown Hair Color Herbal Hair Colors


Keep in mind that every person will have a slightly different result based on their natural hair color. 

Pay attention!

To make sure you are completely happy with the results, ALWAYS make a test on a hidden strand of hair, prior to dyeing your hair, to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

ALWAYS make an allergy test on your skin 48 hours before using powdered herbs.

Don't lose faith and give up if you cannot find the right mix right away or if your white hairs resist the color.

The lucky ones of you will find the appropriate mix after a few applications, but it may as well take you a couple of months to find the ideal mix to dye your grey hair naturally and at the same time obtain the color that you wished to achieve.

cover grey hair naturally with henna

Make sure to also check the "F.A.Q. and facts you should know on henna" blog post that will surely help you answer all of your questions and overcome your doubts. 

If you have never used before henna and herbal hair colors you should absolutely check out the The Ultimate Guide to Henna & Herbal Hair Dyes Preparation and Application.

Happy henna and should you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment down below or contact me by email.

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