Organic Manjistha - Natural Hair Color Cherry Brown Hues Cosmos Organic

Do you like cherry brown hues or cold red highlights? Shiny and intense colors? Brown hair with cold hues?


is an Indian shine-enhancing and strengthening herb, with highlighting properties that give mild cold highlights to hair (in a basic pH environment), that remind of the color of cherries and plums, based on the herbal mix you create and on your base hair color.

If, instead, you create an acidic environment, the released pigment would be coppery and very warm.

It is a natural hair color, very gentle and respectful of the capillary fiber. It is the ideal alternative to chemical dyes and it can be used:

  • to dye your grey regrowth in association with other herbal hair dyes,
  • to revitalize your light hair by giving it unique cold highlights
  • to obtain various shades of cold red, and cherry brown, when mixed with other herbal hair colors.

ORGANIC MANJISTHA powder Cosmos Organic certified, tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

Highlighting. Strengthening. Shine-enhancing.

For glorious hair with sensual and glossy highlights!

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is the perfect natural highlighting herbal hair color to give cold, intense highlights to your hair thanks to its pink/violet pigment. It is the safe and healthy alternative to gently dye your hair (even if it is grey).

Manjistha is indicated to obtain various shades with beautiful and intense highlights. From cold pink, to cherry red, passing through all the shades of violet, depending on your base hair color.

Manjistha can be mixed with other herbal hair colors, in fact we recommend using it blended with other herbal powders to obtain your unique shade according to on your own needs.

It gives cold highlights in a basic pH environment, that remind of the colors of cherryes or plums, based on the herbal mix you used and on your base hair color. If, instead, you create an acidic environment, the highlights would be coppery and very warm.

Manjistha is a highlighting herb able to dye your gray hair if combined with other herbs

and to give it cold, intense highlights. The obtained shade can be intensified by layering the color until you reach the hair color you wished for.

If you use Manjistha in combination with Lawsonia or Katam/Indigo, you can obtain a more or less vivid shade based on the percentage of herbal hair colors you add to it.

What makes us different? Our quality!

Our Manjistha is 100% pure, and of the finest quality, to ensure you the best highlighting effect on your hair!

Unlike chemical dyes that damage irreparably the hair structure because they penetrate in the shaft and they make it dull and dry, the highlighting pigment that can be found in Manjistha, if mixed to other herbs' dyeing pigments, allows you to create your own hair color, with unique and glamorous highlights.

It’s a 100% pure highlighting herb that helps you give your hair beautiful, unique and natural shades. It also leaves your hair strengthened, full of volume and shiny, and it purifies your scalp. Easy and fast application for a unique color, for a professional result!

Like all the other herbal hair colors, Manjistha helps your scalp, too, while it dyes your light hair.

Manjistha has antifungal and antibacterial properties that:

  • sanitize and purify your scalp
  • restore your scalp’s pH
  • promote hair growth.

Manjistha is more than just a natural dye for cold highlights hair!

More than just a natural hair dye: it is a true beauty treatment not only for thin and fine hair, but also for oily hair. A constant use helps opposing the shaft’s impoverishment and hair’s weakening.

Strengthens, repairs and dyes your hair!


  • has a strong sebo-equalizing and anti-dandruff effect
  • makes your hair strong and shiny.

Use Manjistha powder to have beautiful and glowing hair with unique highlights!


Available in 100g (3.50 OZ) bags.

Ingredients: Rubia Cordifolia Root powder

100% chemical additives-free!

Manjistha - high-quality highlighting herb for cold, cherry red hues, 100% pure, derives from the powdering of dried Manjistha's root.

Also known as Indian madder, the name "Manjistha" comes from the Sanskrit name of the plant, that belongs to the Rubiaceae family.

Harvested and grinded seasonally, Manjistha has the consistency of talcum powder.

Since Manjistha gives your hair a cold, cherry red and very intense shade, we suggest you not to use it pure, but to mix it with other herbal hair colors to customize your own hair color in order for it to satisfy your needs.


    Nota bene!

    Manjistha must be used only AFTER having tried it on a hidden strand of hair. Because of its dyeing properties, it can radically change your light and/or blond hair color!

      How to use

      For external use only.


      How much Manjistha should you use?

      - Short hair: 30-50 grams, circa

      - Long hair: from 100 to 200 grams

      - Gray regrowth: around 60-70 grams


      ✓ Weigh your dyeing mix based on your hair length and volume.

      ✓ Use Manjistha mixed with other herbal hair colors only if you did a color test on a hidden strand of hair.

      If you use it mixed with Lawsonia, its dyeing power on hair can last longer. Manjistha can release cold highlights on hair and makes its violet/cherry red hues stand out, if used in an alkaline environment. It can make Lawsonia's coppery shade even warmer, if used in a basic environment.

      ✓ Add warm tap water to the powder and mix until you obtain a dense batter, yoghurt-like.

      ✓ Apply your mix on clean hair right away. Use gloves.

      ✓ Wrap your hair with plastic and use a wool hat.

      ✓ Sit time: You should choose how long to leave the mix on based on your desired hair color and based on the herbal hair colors mix you’re using. The waiting time can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours tops.

      ✓Rinse your hair. Use a little of green and diluted shampoo and use a little conditioner on your lengths.

      ✓ Always rinse your hair with a mix of cold water and vinegar, to fix your color, to close your hair flakes and to have shiny and vaporous hair.

      RECOMMENDED READING: How to use Henna: The Ultimate Guide to Herbal Hair Dyes!

      Close the bag tightly after use. Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from air, heat, light, and moisture.

      Nota bene:

      Manjistha must be used only AFTER having tried it on a hidden strand of hair.


      Manjistha is used in the cosmetic world not only for its highlighting properties but also for its anti-inflammatory properties and for its conditioning and shine-enhancing properties.

      In ayurvedic medicine, Manjistha is used to lighten dark spots and dischromias. If you use it on your face, we suggest you to use a small quantity of Manjistha powder and to mix it with other herbs (like Amla, Sidr, Methi or White Clay) to prevent dark spots

      The powder has a violet color, due to the purpurine that helps accentuating the red cold shades.

      We suggest you to use it mixed with Lawsonia for a long-lasting color and a more intense and deep red hair color.

      If you mix Manjistha to Turmeric or Rhubarb, you can obtain golden, coppery and apricot-like highlights on light hair.

        Easy and fast application for a unique color and a professional result!

        • Do a color test on a hidden strand of hair before dyeing it all to avoid unpleasant results.

        • Do an allergy test on the upper part of your inner arm (at the crook of the elbow) 48 hours before applying it. Subjects predisposed to develop allergies can have an allergic reaction, even if the product is 100% natural.

        Use Manjistha powder to have beautiful and glowing hair with unique highlights!


        Manjistha is a highlighting herb

        so it washes away very easily, that's why we suggest you to use it in combination with other herbal hair dyes (like Rhubarb, Lawsonia, Katam or Indigo).

        It's excellent to revive dull and faded highlights.

        The dyeing intensity can vary based on the quantity of Manjistha and on the mixed you used.

        The highlights that Manjistha can give to our hair go from a mild pink on light hair, to a dark, deep, intense and cold red on medium-dark hair, while it gives cold highlights to brown hair.

        If used with henna, Manjistha can intensify Lawsonia's typical coppery shades. Based on the enviroment you create, we can obtain coppery or cold, "cherry-like" highlights.

        On dark blond or light brown hair, Manjistha can be used to obtain beautfiful apricot or cognac hues.

        If mixed with Lawsonia Inermis, Rhubarb, Cassia and/or Indigo on light hair, you can obtain caramel-cognac highlights by letting the mix sit for 30 to 60 minutes.

        On medium-dark hair colors, it can give marvelous mildly coppery highlights based on how long you keep it on (from 30 to 90 minutes) and from the base hair color.

          Irrespective of your chosen mix, you have to apply it on your hair only AFTER having done a test on a hidden strand of hair.

          Excellent if used in combination with Hibiscus to tone down Lawsonia's typcal coppery shade, and to make it colder, with cherry or plum highlights.

          On dark hair it's difficult to see its purple highlights, and to do so, you should layer the color until you can see cherry, plum hues. The highlights are obviously more prominent on light hair.

          But Manjistha is a highlighting herb, so, even if it has a dyeing property, it is NOT a permanent herbal hair color, like Lawsonia (red henna). So, as opposed to Lawsonia, it doesn’t dye your hair permanently: the color lasts, but it will tone down little by little with every wash. How long it stays on your hair depends on your hair porosity.

          If you want to use it 100% pure on your hair, it can result difficult to apply hence we suggest you to use flaxseeds gel instead of water:

          The video has English subtitles, remember to turn them ON!

          To optimize the coverage and the color duration on gray hair, it can be mixed with a low quantity of Lawsonia that can be decided based on the shade you want to obtain.

          To dilute its high dyeing power, you can always mix it with Cassia or Sidr.

          You can create your own unique herbal hair colors mix to obtain new, glowing hair colors with natural unique highlights with every new application.

            Use Manjistha powder to have beautiful and glowing hair with unique highlights!


            Frequently Asked Questions:

            Who should use Manjistha?

            Manjistha is ideal for who wants to make Lawsonia's tones look colder, or for who wants plum, cherry red highlights, or to give glowing cold highlighs to their brown hair color, obtained using herbal hair dyes on gray hair. If used in an acidic environment, it can make Lawsonia's coppery, warm tones stand out.

            Does Manjistha dye gray hair?

            Yes, but if you want a permanent solution, you should use it mixed with Lawsonia.

            Is Manjistha permanent?

            No, Manjistha is a highlighting herb, not a dyeing herb, so it’s not permanent on hair. It washes away but it can last longer on it if used mixed to Lawsonia.

            How can I decide how long I should keep the Manjistha mix on?

            The waiting time must be decided based on the color shade that you wish to obtain and based on the mix you’re using. The waiting time can vary between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The more you keep it on, the more intense your color will be. If you need to dye your gray hair, you can let it sit even for 3 hours (tops).

            The video has English subtitles, remember to turn them ON!


            Recommended to:

            give wonderful cherry red highlights to natural dark hair

            dye gray hair, in combination with other herbal hair colors

            condition hair

            make dull hair shine

            revive dull skin colors



            - Highlighting, not dyeing herb

            - Gives tone on tone highlights



            ✓ Highlighting

            ✓ Shine-enhancing

            ✓ Conditioning

            ✓ Strengthening


            Main features:

            - 100% pure

            - High quality

            - It does NOT contain ammonia, metallic salts, PPD's or any unlisted ingredients

            - Consistency of talcum powder

            - Easy to apply and rinse off

            --> The video has English subtitles, remember to turn them ON!


            Bring your hair back to life with Nature's help!

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