Natural Vegan Personalized Cosmetics

What we offer: 

Natural vegan personalized cosmetics :

✓made out of natural, organic ingredients, with food grade preservatives

✓allergens free, silicons free, parabens free, mineral oils free, gluten free


✓cruelty free

Who we are

We are a small, independent company located in the North of Italy, next to Verona, in the middle of vineyards & olive trees.

We manufacture vegan personalized cosmetics, free of toxic ingredients, using only natural and organic ingredients and a high concentration of botanical active principles

Our natural vegan personalized cosmetics are manufactured in collaboration with an Italian cosmetic laboratory, a spin off of the University of Bologna that realizes fresh handmade batches of cosmetics using only the highest quality ingredients, making sure that all quality and specific standards regarding the hygienic conditions in which a cosmetic product should be created, are followed.

What makes us different: Custom Skin Care

Beautilicious Delights allows you to customize its face creamshairsprays with powerful natural boosters helping you obtain unique and effective personalized cosmetics chock full of active ingredients formulated to suit each skin & hair type. Our natural personalized cosmetics will make your skin glow and your hair  shiny & healthy looking.

All you have to do is choose the face or hair booster according to your skin or hair type. Add it to the Beautilicious Delights face cream or hairspray so they multitask to your specifications. They will work in synergy and will enhance the effects of the face cream or of the hairspray. It's simple, intuitive & effective.

Long story short

Conscious beauty, respect for the environment and Italian formulae meet to create natural vegan personalized cosmetics with a high concentration of botanical active principles extracted from fruit, vegetable or plant derivatives. 

Start indulging your skin with natural vegan personalized cosmetics.

Happy shopping! ;)

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